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The commercial success of AirPods is becoming clearer. Apple would have sold 16 million wireless headphones in a year. The details.

AirPods map. Since their launch in late 2016, Apple’s wireless headphones have attracted a lot of people. According to Steven Huon, the company would have sold 16 million wireless headphones in a year, just that! Well, it is true that this source is not the most reliable, but Steven has already unveiled information that has proven right. And as we have more and more the habit of crossing people with AirPods in the ears, this figure seems normal, almost logical. If it is true, that would mean that Apple is taking the lead in the wireless headset market.
If Steven Huon’s information proves correct, Apple will have achieved an excellent performance in 2017 before launching a new generation of its AirPods. And when you know that its subsidiary Beats flies over all its competitors in the market for headphones and wireless headsets, we can conclude that Apple is the big winner in this story. And at the time when these lines are written, it is always necessary to wait 10 days to receive headphones which are sold at 179 euros.

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Freshly formalized, the Huawei FreeBuds look a lot like the Apple AirPods. To differentiate them, Melty’s editorial has chosen to emphasize their differences.
At the press conference held this Tuesday, March 27 at the Grand Palais, Huawei presented several smartphones. Among them the Huawei P20 Pro and the Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design, whose features have impressed the specialized media. But against all odds, a product of a different category has been invited to the party … These are Huawei FreeBuds, wireless headphones strangely resembling the Apple AirPods. But despite a similar design – with the stem sticking out of the ear – Huawei’s device differs from its US counterpart in several aspects that we just wanted to be interested.

The first difference between Huawei’s headphones and those of Apple is the colors in which they are offered. FreeBuds are available in white & black, while AirPods are only available in white. Users will probably appreciate that the choice is left to them, even if we would have liked to have a color a little funky. Besides that, the FreeBuds stand out thanks to their battery – at least on paper. Huawei is counting on a 10-hour battery life per charge, which is twice the amount offered by the AirPods. It remains to be seen if it is true in real life, or if the manufacturer has instead embellished the reality. Regarding the price, the Freebirds are a little more affordable than their competitors at Apple. They are worth 159 euros, against 179 euros for AirPods. It’s up to you to see which product to opt for, depending on your budget but especially the smartphone that you used to use.

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