Google Will Begin This Summer The Deployment Of Its Chatbot Duplex

The Duplex Chatbot based on Google’s artificial intelligence is very real. But it will be several years before seeing the feature appear on Android mobiles.

It was last May, at its I /O developer conference, that Google showed a demo of Duplex, a real-world chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. Since that date, however, the chatbot has been criticized, with people accusing him of being unethical, immoral, or simply challenging his reality. However, Google does not give up its launch project and wants to prove that his chatbot is real. This means that Duplex will not dial random phone numbers, but will make real calls to real people.

To prove it, Google has allowed the journalists present to test Duplex by asking him to reserve a table in a restaurant. In most cases, Duplex has run successfully. As for the erroneous calls, Google plans to couple the IA chatbot to real people, “human operators”, ready to intervene when the situation becomes too complicated for the robot. As a first step, Duplex will not have a direct impact on the lives of the public, since it will only concern businesses on the list of trusted Google partners. But the Californian company is clearly determined to enhance the experience of its Assistant with the chatbot. It will probably be several years before the feature will appear on Android devices, but Duplex real-life testing is an important first step toward broader deployment.

Duplex Now Identifies Itself As An Automated Service

This is an important difference between the current telemarketer and a machine learning algorithm, and this should go a long way in reassuring correspondents. The Verge also states that the user will have to explicitly allow Google Assistant to access information such as his email address and phone number before the robot can complete his task.

Presumably, the project is to make Duplex 100% standalone, but this will probably not happen for many years. Google says that about 80% of Duplex calls can be handled without human intervention. It remains a good way to go. The first mission entrusted to Duplex will be to question companies about their holiday periods. As announced by Google at the I / O conference, the results of its search engine will soon indicate whether a business is open, closed or if its opening hours are different during public holidays or holiday periods. This is a perfect exercise for Duplex because the chat bot should not have too many evasive answers to manage. This type of survey based on a call modality close to scripted calls will allow Google engineers to see how Duplex handles inaccurate answers and different dialects.

Limited To English Calls

In addition, the chatbot is limited to calls in English and it does not yet have the necessary permissions to “work” in the 50 US states. But make no mistake, Google Duplex is very real. While Google promises that it will be “very slow, very careful and very thoughtful”, the company is taking a very important step in the evolution of AI. If Google succeeds, we will never be able to see Google Assistant again.

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