Cloud Technologies: The Time Of Transformation

This included a series of workshops and conferences dedicated to the issue of cloud computing security. And this one attracted four times more visitors than in 2010. There is no longer any doubt: Cloud Computing is now very far from a passing fad.

Jim Reavis, co-founder and executive director of CSA, has not failed to point out that he hears about many successful cloud drivers and projects integrating the cloud for the next 12 months. Mergers and acquisitions would even accelerate the move, he said. CIOs from large companies are telling him to look to the cloud to meet the new needs generated by acquisitions or divisional / divestment of a division. Security professionals, however, remain very concerned about the compliance and security challenges raised by cloud computing.

According to a TechTarget Security Media Group survey, 61% of CIOs – out of 1091 surveyed – give priority to compliance and disability as their number one concern for cloud computing. 68% are concerned about the issue of data security and encryption; 45% are concerned about access management and control.

One survey participant – CIO Insurance – explains. And that encryption in the cloud is a complex problem. The CSA progresses, he says, but the rapid adoption of the Cloud, driven by the global economic context, makes it difficult for him. Suppliers, of course, play their part. They are seizing the opportunity of the Cloud to add the term Cloud to their solutions. A considerable bidding that affects the resolution of real problems.

CloudPassage, for example, provides firewall and server vulnerability management services; services designed specifically for cloud environments. Its CEO, Carson Sweet, explains that technology can control the problem of managing server security in a cloud environment, where virtual machines are quickly created by cloning. Cipher Cloud offers a Web proxy that encrypts and tokenizes business data sent to a cloud service provider.

Encryption keys remain with the client, the formats, and functions associated with the data are preserved and the added latency does not exceed 2%, according to the direction of CipherCloud. This technology is compatible with Force.Com, PaaS, and Google Apps. It is offered as a managed service but can also be deployed internally, in the form of a virtual appliance. Reavis believes that Cloud Computing is reinventing IT point by point. And he expects him to do the same with the IT security industry. CSA is now studying how Cloud Computing can be used to secure everything – not just the cloud.

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