Cloud Computing Security

For both individuals and businesses, cloud computing provides affordable, easy-to-use applications and services. However, you must ensure that your personal information and files are secure.

Besides virtual servers are already ahead of physical servers, and Gartner predicts that in the next few years, 71 percent of server workloads will be virtualized. Choosing the right security strategy can help you take advantage of the significant benefits of virtualization and cloud computing for your business, including:

The decrease in capital and operational costs: consolidation of the number of servers used and activation of virtual machines only according to the needs of the company

More flexibility in activities: offering new services faster and easier than the old

Instant scalability: Enable and disable virtual machines as needed

Access anywhere, anytime – Provides professional services to your users whether at work, at home or on the road

Ideally, a solution should be integrated into the administration of the largest cloud and virtualization providers so that appropriate security is automatically applied across all your physical, virtual and cloud platforms.

Trend micro at the head of the cloud security market

The Smart Protection Network was structured more than five years ago. By providing more comprehensive threat intelligence, faster detection and blocking of threats, and lighter signature file updates, Smart Protection Network has proven the effectiveness of online protection. We continue to extend the functionality of the Smart Protection Network by applying mass data analysis methods to address the volume, diversity, and pace of today’s threats.

And by providing security through the cloud, we have been actively involved in the evolution of cloud security technologies. Having adopted virtualization and cloud computing early, we have gained a very clear understanding of the challenges of extending threat protection to emerging cloud environments, which has led us to develop innovative products that are leaders in cloud computing, sector and constantly evolving.

Our cloud and data center solution protects physical, virtual and cloud servers as well as virtual desktops with a complete, automated security system.

Unlike other vendors, we enable you to centrally control policy and monitor security across your physical, virtual, and cloud environments from a single platform. Our solution integrates with VMware vCenter and vCloud, and Amazon Web Services to automate the application of security policies. It includes a shared management option for businesses and service providers that need general control with the separate administration for different departments or for other organizations.

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