Best Vehicles For The Family In 2018? Here They Are !

With the summer holidays on the horizon, it’s time to see if you have what it takes to serve you well for travel or camping, or just for your daily commute.

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Edmunds has teamed up with Parents magazine to evaluate the best models to meet the needs of families. This week they released the results out of the flow of 10 vehicles, all of which received a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The vehicles also needed a score of at least 4 out of 5 from Edmunds, who tested the vehicles for driving, comfort, utility and embedded technology. For its part, Parents magazine tested the ease of installation of the seats, the space reserved for the rear legs and the number of cupholders and USB ports.

Volkswagen Atlas and Chevrolet Traverse. The bigger the family, the greater the chances that you will need a three-row SUV. The VW Atlas, emphasizes Edmunds, can accommodate up to five child seats. Check out our own list of 10 reasons why you should buy an Atlas. The Chevrolet Traverse offers a very large cargo capacity, perfect for carrying aspiring athletes, their equipment, and teammates. Edmunds and Parents rated these vehicles as the best three-row SUVs.

Ford Edge and Acura RDX. The new Ford Edge allows you to install up to three child seat side by side in the middle row and then install a ton of luggage, equipment or a large dog in the back. Edmunds and Parents also cited as an example the good consumption rating of this model. The 2018 Acura RDX will pamper your family with a large panoramic sunroof and, in colder weather, heated front seats. Both of these options are standard equipment. For Parents and Edmunds, these two vehicles are the best two-tier SUVs available on the market in 2018. Note that the 2019 edition of the RDX is scheduled for the Canadian market later this summer.

Honda Odyssey. Equipped with the famous Magic Slide system for second-row seats, the Odyssey is praised for the versatility it offers to families of different sizes and needs.

For the best family sedans in 2018, Edmond and Parents turned to a Japanese model and an American model. This beleaguered category, which, despite a serious delay in sales, still retains its important share of loyal motorists. The new redesigned Accord offers more interior space than before, as well as a host of advanced technologies for increased security. The surprising Chevrolet Malibu, meanwhile, also comes with a number of new technologies, including the Teen Driver Technology system. Edmunds and Parents have preferred it to some big models like the new Toyota Camry and Mazda6 redesigned, to name a few.

Toyota Prius. Despite a growing number of family-oriented hybrid models (Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, for example), the people at Edmunds and Parents magazine have tended to look at an older fox, the Prius, in the category a better hybrid vehicle for the family. Among the features that are put forward, wireless charging capabilities and a regenerating electric motor for increased battery life.

The last two models rewarded by Edmunds and Parents magazine on their list of the best cars for families in 2018 are not so similar. They were, however, grouped into a category they wanted to call SUV-Like Wagon. This is how the Subaru Outback (presumably the reason this category was created!) And Kia Soul share the honors to better meet the needs of families. The qualities of the Outback are well known by his battalion of loyal outdoor enthusiasts; one can think of its four-wheel drive system and roof rails with integrated crossbars that can carry everything from a kayak to bike to large furniture. The soul is the most affordable model on the list, yet offers an indoor space optimized for families while earning the highest possible safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

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