AWS Summit Paris – Cloud Platform Security

On June 19, Amazon Web Services is organizing its biggest event in France: AWS Summit Paris. The gathering of the French AWS ecosystem is an opportunity for you to discover the latest innovations, but most importantly to understand how to succeed in your digital transformation with the benefits of this public cloud. The experts of NBS System and OT Group will be present to bring you their insights on how to secure your platforms in the cloud, do not miss them!

AWS cloud and security: it’s possible!

For AWS teams: Their infrastructure has been designed to provide the highest level of security for their customers, and already has several global and regional certifications. Cognisant, this is not enough to protect your data evaluation: if AWS manages the security of the cloud, remain your responsibility to ensure the security of your platforms, in the cloud.

However, the operation of the AWS public cloud differs from the state of a private or “on-premise” hosting: any migration or new web project must be thought for AWS, and the same is true for its security. Respect for good practices, informatics studies, the interconnection of your different resources and services: our certified AWS Solutions Architect activity experts.

Or simply launch the first platform before you throw in the big bath could advance together.

AWS Summit Paris: where to find the experts for the security of your data?

Open your eyes … our team can be identified by their t-shirts or polos clearly explaining their priority: secure your cloud!

You will be able to meet Jean, Julie, Mathieu, Christopher, Vincent, Thomas, but also other experts security, architects of cloud and commercial

Julie, a peer of this example, is AWS Solutions Architect, Associate and will have participated with two other OT Group certified at AWS Game Day on June 12th. See you at the awards ceremony!

AWS and CerberHost: Achieving Highest Security on the Cloud

Take advantage of the AWS Summit Paris to discover CerberHost, our very high-security cloud solution! CerberHos guarantees the security of your AWS cloud-based web platform at 99.9%, without loss of performance: your data is protected against the majority of cyber attacks.

CerberHost is composed of a set of human, technical and organizational protections that surround and constitute your web architecture. Traffic destined for your AWS environment is thoroughly scanned for any attempted attack. Whenever a suspicious behavior is detected, it is blocked automatically before arriving on your platform, which only receives the traffic related to your users or legitimate Internet users. In addition, thanks to a learning system, Cerberhost adapts to your traffic and the operation of your platform for a more refined protection, without false positives.

CerberHost can protect you against known attacks like DDoS or threats referenced in the Top 10 OWASP, but also against emerging attacks. Our security team is actively keeping watch to constantly improve the solution and regularly produces virtual fixes against the latest vulnerabilities in the technologies you use. You are therefore protected by default while waiting to update your software with the patches of the editors!

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With CerberHost on AWS, you benefit from infrastructures secured by Amazon Web Services, continuously improved thanks to the feedback of its thousands of customers, and from a secure architecture personalized according to your stakes, your needs, and your operation.

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