Apple and the cloud, an insurmountable failure?

Apple and the cloud, an insurmountable failure?

The Apple company, particularly known for its mobile terminals, tablets and computers, also offers cloud services. Yes, but for how long ?

Controversial remarks by Apple CEO

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The CEO of Apple has been talked about in recent times with remarks against Google and Facebook . Indeed, Tim Cook said that his two competitors did not respect enough the privacy of their customers, with the offers they offer.

The Apple CEO said that these two companies ” built their businesses by luring their customers into complacency with their personal information. ” He also continued,” They eat up everything they can and try to learn more about you then monetize everything. We think this is bad . These words were said in connection with the revenue problems caused by Apple’s cloud . The French cloud is therefore not the only one to have concerns about turnover !

With his remarks, Tim Cook therefore bet on a strategy of “moral fault” concerning his competitors, in order to give a boost to the cloud services offered by his company. This strategy can work on people who already have a clear opinion about Google and Facebook.

Apple customers remain puzzled by these comments, however. Indeed, the company’s customers could view these attacks on competitors as a sign that Apple is unable to offer better services . Fighting competition with high-level services and not verbal attacks would be good advice for Apple, say some customers and professionals.

The future of Apple in the cloud

Some also confirm that the Apple company is late in the field of Cloud Computing . The teams were unable to react in time when this market grew. What push a little more American society after the remarks made by its CEO.

With Google’s advancement in the cloud thanks to various projects that we have seen recently , the firm could acquire brilliant devices and be an unrivaled leader on the market . If Apple does not upgrade, the company will not only be late but may well be forced out of the cloud computing market.

Despite everything and fortunately for Apple, the company is full of resources (financial among others) and could therefore quickly regain the upper hand concerning its cloud services . It remains to be seen what the company will adopt as a strategy after the words of Tim Cook. This could catch up and launch new services in the cloud, who knows?

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